Exploring the Power of AI: A Comprehensive Overview of AI Tools in the Drupal Ecosystem

By toswebdev, 12 January, 2024
Exploring the Power of AI: A Comprehensive Overview of AI Tools in the Drupal Ecosystem
Introduction:  Unlocking Drupal's Potential with AI

In the dynamic realm of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer, reshaping industries worldwide. Content Management Systems (CMSs) like Drupal are seizing the opportunities presented by AI. This article delves into how Drupal leverages AI tools to streamline content creation tasks, promising efficiency and innovation. Join us on this journey as we explore the synergy between Drupal and AI, uncovering solutions that redefine content management for a more efficient and dynamic future. 

Drupal in a Nutshell: Powering the Web with Open Source Brilliance

Drupal, an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), is the driving force behind thousands of websites globally. Fueled by a dynamic community of developers, Drupal continually evolves, introducing new tools that push the boundaries of CMS capabilities. Notably, the integration of AI products like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Amazon Lex adds a layer of innovation to the Drupal ecosystem.

Decoding AI: Unleashing the Power of Machine Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) simulates human reasoning and actions using computer systems, including machine learning—a technique enabling machines to learn and make informed decisions by processing vast external information, be it text, images, or videos. The goal is to mimic human activities, from simple chat interactions to autonomously creating custom applications with minimal human intervention.

AI Tools Unveiled: Enhancing Drupal’s Potential

1. ChatGPT: A natural language processing tool for human-like conversations, assisting in various tasks such as composing emails, essays, and code.

2. Google Bard: An experimental AI chat service that pulls information from the web, excelling in coding, math problem solving, and aiding in writing tasks.

3. Midjourney: A renowned text-to-image service, widely used for generating artwork like logos, portraits, and screenshots.

Explore more AI tools and frameworks in the market on the AI Tools Directory page. Elevate your Drupal experience by integrating these cutting-edge AI technologies.

Unleashing Power: OpenAI/ChatGPT Integration in Drupal

Discover the game-changing OpenAI/ChatGPT Integration module! This toolkit connects seamlessly with the OpenAI ecosystem, featuring ChatGPT and DALL-E. The module's mission: to provide an API foundation for OpenAI integration in Drupal. It revolutionizes content management by generating text, images, and content analysis. OpenAI, known for transformative AI products like ChatGPT and GPT-3, powers applications across industries. Our goal? Augment and add assistive AI tech to Drupal, transforming how you handle content and maintenance tasks. Join us on this exploration of a more dynamic and intelligent Drupal experience!


You can install the module with composer as usual:

This project comes with a list of submodules that can be installed, for now, we’ll enable

OpenAI Core
OpenAI ChatGPT Explorer
OpenAI CKEditor Integration
OpenAI Content Editing Tools
OpenAI Error Log Analyzer, 
OpenAI CKEditor integration

This project comes with a list of submodules that can be installed, for now, we’ll enable OpenAI Core, OpenAI ChatGPT Explorer, OpenAI CKEditor Integration, OpenAI Content Editing Tools, OpenAI Error Log Analyzer, OpenAI DALL-E and OpenAI CKEditor integration:

Create an OpenAI API Key

To use this module, you need an OpenAI API Key to interact with ChatGPT and other AI Tools, you can signup and use the free version or the paid version (which comes with extra goodies).

Once installed, go to /admin/config/openai/settings and provide the OpenAI key you just created and then click on "save".

OpenAI ChatGPT Explorer

You can start by going to /admin/config/openai/chatgpt and interact with ChatGPT from the comfort of your Drupal site!

OpenAI ChatGPT Explorer

I can ask questions as I was in the ChatGPT page:
I can ask questions as I was in the ChatGPT page:

OpenAI CKEditor5 button

Now, what we really want is to use ChatGPT to help us in our content creation process, start by going to Configuration > Text formats and editors, then configure the Text Editor Profile of your choice, and add the OpenAI button to the “Active Toolbar” list:

You should see the OpenAI button in your CkEditor 5:


You can create text, create a summary, or change the tone, all from the comfort of your CkEditor 5.

I believe that some options are disabled if you have a free version of ChatGPT, I’ll double check on that!

OpenAI Content Editing Tools

You can also install the module OpenAI Content Editing Tools and you’ll have some extra editing tools (Summarize text, Suggest content title, Analyze text) when creating/editing your nodes:

I can instruct ChatGPT to suggest a content title based on the content that I have in the Body field:

Or instruct ChatGPT to create a summary of the content in Body:


Lastly, one of the coolest tools that you should look into is OpenAI DALL·E, this tool interacts with the OpenAI DALL·E (image generation) endpoint and creates an image based on a desired description, once you install the module, go to /admin/config/openai/dalle and insert a description of the image you want:

In a Nutshell: OpenAI Integration in Drupal

The OpenAI Integration module is a key player among various Drupal modules linking to external AI tools. Explore more options through the Drupal AI community initiative. While Drupal's Machine Learning API is no longer maintained, the potential for AI in Drupal is vast. Developers with strong skills can contribute significantly to the Drupal ecosystem by delving into Artificial Intelligence and its application within Drupal. The possibilities are exciting—dive in and reshape the future of Drupal!


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