Export Large Database from MAMP using Terminal

By toswebdev, 6 February, 2022
Export Large Database from MAMP using Terminal


Step One:

  • Open a new terminal window

Step Two:

  • Navigate to the MAMP install by entering the following line in terminal
  • cd /applications/MAMP/library/bin
  • Hit the enter key

Step Three:

  • Write the dump command
  • ./mysqldump -u [USERNAME] -p [DATA_BASENAME] > [PATH_TO_FILE]
  • Hit the enter key
  • Example:
  • ./mysqldump -u root -p wp_database > /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/symposium10_wp/wp_db_onezero.sql
  • A quick tip: to navigate to a folder quickly you can drag the folder into the terminal window and it will write the location of the folder. It was a great day when someone showed me this.

Step Four:

  • This line of text should appear after you hit enter
  • Enter password:
  • So guess what, type your password, keep in mind that the letters will not appear, but they are there
  • Hit the enter key

Step Five:

  • Check the location of where you stored your file if it is there, SUCCESS
  • Now you can import the database, which will be outlined next.



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