What is Acquia BLT ?

By toswebdev, 5 February, 2023
What is Acquia BLT ?

Acquia BLT (Build and Launch Toolkit) is a project-level toolkit and configuration framework for building and managing Drupal sites on the Acquia Cloud platform. It provides a set of commands, tools, and best practices for building, testing, and deploying Drupal sites in a standardized way.

Acquia BLT is designed to streamline the development process, making it easier for teams to work together on a common codebase and to manage the site's code, configuration, and dependencies. With Acquia BLT, developers can quickly spin up a new project, create a development environment, and manage code changes through version control and automated testing and deployment processes.

Acquia BLT integrates with other Acquia products, such as the Acquia Cloud, to provide a complete solution for managing Drupal sites on the Acquia platform. It also provides a set of plugins and extensions that can be used to customize the development process to meet specific needs.


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