What's included in Drupal 10?

By toswebdev, 7 May, 2022
What's included in Drupal 10?

The following key features are in the works in Drupal 9 and will be included in Drupal 10:

  • Claro administration theme (replacing Seven).
  • Olivero default theme (replacing Bartik).
  • Further improved Layout Builder and Media functionality.
  • Better decoupled developer and site builder experiences, especially for menu and URL handling.
  • Introduction of CKEditor 5 with better authoring experience and more modern editing (replacing CKEditor 4).
  • Modern JavaScript components to replace some uses of jQuery.
  • Theme Starterkit tools for bespoke theme creation.
  • Symfony 6 under the hood (replacing Symfony 4) and PHP 8.1 are required to keep the system secure.



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