This list of 13 FREE websites will help you find work in 2023 if you're a newbie to freelancing

By toswebdev, 14 November, 2022
This list of 13 FREE websites will help you find work in 2023 if you're a newbie to freelancing
  1. LinkedIn

    This is the best place to find freelance jobs/projects - copywriting, designing, content writing, coding, etc. Tip: Optimise your profile, network, and get started.

  2. Twitter

    A great networking platform to find freelance jobs. I got my first high-paying client through Twitter. Stay active, cold DM people, and engage as much as you can.
  3. Behance

    If you are into photography, web design, and illustration, this is for you. I found a great web designer using Behance.

  4. 99designs

    It’s a freelance website specifically for designers and logo artists.

  5. Upwork

    I got my first freelance gig from Upwork 3-5 years back. It’s a little competitive but you can find a wide variety of jobs/gigs on the platform - from marketing to coding to designing to writing.
  6. Fiverr

    One of the biggest job portals in the world. You can find diverse categories of freelance work on the website - social media, digital marketing, web development, etc.
  7. Toptal

    It has five steps of the screening process. to make sure that you are in the top 3%. It’s a little competitive but you’ll have access to all the work/jobs from top companies and clients.

  8. Jooble

    It’s a search engine for job vacancies and has over 150,000 sources worldwide. A great place to start your freelancing career.

  9. Freelancer (dot) com

    Not my personal fav but good to get started with. You’ll find a lot of fake jobs but if you’re vigilant, you can find some really good ones. UI/UX is super simple to get started.

  10. SimplyHired

    It’s a job board and has millions of jobs all over the world. You can find all genres of work here - human resources, data entry, finance, marketing, etc.  

  11. ServiceScape

    It’s an online job board specializing in freelance writing, editorial, and translation work. Build your profile and promote your work to get more work. Simple.

  12. Dribbble

    It’s good if you’re into mobile designs, animations, illustrations, and creative work. Share your portfolio on the website and upload your designs.

  13. PeoplePerHour

    It’s a freelance website for people in journalism. branding, programming, etc.

I like all of them but Twitter and LinkedIn are still my favorites because it’s much easier to connect with people on a 1:1 level here. Let me know your fav in the comments. 

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