UserTesting platform: what it is and how much you can earn

By toswebdev, 10 September, 2023
UserTesting platform: what it is and how much you can earn

What is UserTesting 

UserTesting is a platform that helps businesses create and manage tests to get feedback on their products, services, and marketing campaigns. The platform includes a large pool of testers and offers customizable test plans, live conversation tests, and analytics and reporting.

UserTesting can be used to get feedback on almost any customer experience, including websites, mobile apps, prototypes, and real-world experiences. The platform can help businesses make timely, customer-centric business decisions.

UserTesting has been named one of the best workplaces by Fortune, Financial Times, Inc., and SF Business Times. Some UserTesting companies include MongoDB Inc., Red Hat, and Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Payments for completed tests are sent 7 days later. The average cost is $10 per test, but the pay varies depending on the type and duration of the test. 

How much you can earn

UserTesting is a platform that pays users to test websites. Users can earn $3–$10 per test, which typically takes 15–20 minutes to complete. The amount you earn depends on the type of test you apply for. For example, you may earn more if the test requires you to talk more or spend more time on it.

To become a tester, you need to submit a sample test. If your test is approved, you can start taking paid tests. You must be at least 18 years old and have a confirmed PayPal account in good standing to receive payments.

UserTesting customers include Microsoft, Yahoo!, Apple, Twitter, and Airbnb.



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