Using Drupal Rector for Instant Upgrades and Automated Refactoring in Drupal 10: A Guide

By toswebdev, 30 December, 2022
Using Drupal Rector for Instant Upgrades and Automated Refactoring in Drupal 10: A Guide

Introduction to Drupal Rector: A Tool for Automated Code Refactoring and Drupal Version Upgrades

Drupal Rector is a tool that helps developers upgrade their Drupal websites to newer versions of the platform and automate code refactoring tasks. It is designed to make upgrading and maintaining Drupal websites easier by automating many of the manual tasks required when upgrading or refactoring code.

Drupal Rector is based on the Rector library, a PHP refactoring tool that can analyze and modify PHP code. Drupal Rector extends this functionality to support specific Drupal version upgrades and refactoring tasks. It can be used to automatically fix deprecations, apply coding standards, and update code to use newer APIs or best practices.

To use Drupal Rector, developers must have a local development environment set up with a Drupal website. Drupal Rector can be installed and run as a Composer package in the Drupal website's root directory. Once installed, developers can use the tool to apply specific upgrade or refactoring rules to their codebase, or use pre-defined sets of rules to perform a full Drupal version upgrade.

Using Drupal Rector can save developers time and effort when upgrading or maintaining their Drupal websites, and can help ensure that code is up-to-date and following best practices. However, it is essential to thoroughly test any changes made by Drupal Rector before deploying them to a production website.

How to fix Deprecation Errors in Drupal using Drupal Rector

Rector instantly upgrades and refactors the PHP code of your application. It can help you in 2 major areas:

1. Instant Upgrades

Rector now supports upgrades from PHP 5.3 to 8.1 and major open-source projects like Symfony, PHPUnit, and Doctrine. Do you want to be constantly on the latest PHP and Framework without effort?

Use Rector to handle instant upgrades for you.

2. Automated Refactoring

Do you have the code quality you need, but struggle to keep it with new developers on your team? Do you want to see smart code reviews even when every senior developer sleeps?

Add Rector to your CI and let it continuously refactor your code and keep the code quality high.


composer require rector/rector --dev

Run the above command on the root of the Drupal folder. 
To check the deprecated code, run the following command: 

/c/wamp64/www/d9$ vendor/bin/rector process web/modules/pdf_to_canvas/pdf_to_canvas.module --dry-run


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