Drush CMD

Drush is a computer software shell-based application used to control, manipulate, and administer Drupal websites. On the surface, Drush is a tool for updating site modules, however, Drush has a more comprehensive list of features.

By toswebdev, 30 December, 2022

Introduction to Drupal Rector: A Tool for Automated Code Refactoring and Drupal Version Upgrades

Drupal Rector is a tool that helps developers upgrade their Drupal websites to newer versions of the platform and automate code refactoring tasks. It is designed to make upgrading and maintaining Drupal websites easier by automating many of the manual tasks required when upgrading or refactoring code.

By toswebdev, 26 December, 2022

To generate a new theme named "my_new_theme" in Drupal, you can use the following command from the Drupal root directory: Ex:-  C:\wamp64\www\d10\web

php core/scripts/drupal generate-theme my_new_theme

This will create the new theme in the themes directory by default. You can use the --help flag to view all configuration options for the generate-theme command:

By toswebdev, 14 May, 2022

Plugins are small pieces of functionality that are swappable. Plugins that perform similar functionality are of the same plugin type.

Drupal contains many different plugins, of different types. For example, 'Field widget' is a plugin type, and each different field widget type is a plugin. The admin user may select from the list of field widget plugins to set the widget that a field uses.