You can make $1000 a month without any skill.

By toswebdev, 30 November, 2022
You can make $1000 a month without any skill.

Without skill, you can make $1000/month. 4 ways to make money online.

  1. Website/Domains broker

    Buy and sell websites/domains and make $1000+ each month extra.
    First, buy a domain/website on Flippa. For the website, one thing you’ve to do is optimize.
    When you do the optimization sell it on Flippa or any other platforms that buy websites.

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  2. Translation (For students)

    If you know a second language then you can make $1000+ on Fiverr and on People Per Hour / Cambly. If you’re passionate about teaching foreigners your language then go ahead and make some real money. 

    Read this:
  3. Data entry job Part-time

    If you have writing skills, why not copy the company's hard copies to electronic media and make money?
    You’ve to convert hard-copy written work into electronic media. For that, you need explicitly well-performing writing skills

    Learn more:
  4. Application tester

    Get paid handsomely to test the app for your client. Your only responsibility will be to use the app and note anything that doesn't work or has some design issues. You can sell this service on:

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