By toswebdev, 12 January, 2023

Web development is a constantly evolving field, and it can be difficult to predict which technologies and trends will become popular in the coming years. However, experts in the industry and data analysis can provide insight into what we can expect to see in 2023. Here are 11 web development trends that are likely to dominate in the next year:

By toswebdev, 3 January, 2023

What is confetti-falling animation? 

A confetti-falling animation effect is a visual display in which small pieces of paper or other material are made to fall or appear to fall from the top of a screen or display, simulating the effect of actual confetti falling. This type of animation can be used to add a festive or celebratory touch to a website, video, or other digital content.

By toswebdev, 30 December, 2022

Introduction to Drupal Rector: A Tool for Automated Code Refactoring and Drupal Version Upgrades

Drupal Rector is a tool that helps developers upgrade their Drupal websites to newer versions of the platform and automate code refactoring tasks. It is designed to make upgrading and maintaining Drupal websites easier by automating many of the manual tasks required when upgrading or refactoring code.

By toswebdev, 26 December, 2022

To generate a new theme named "my_new_theme" in Drupal, you can use the following command from the Drupal root directory: Ex:-  C:\wamp64\www\d10\web

php core/scripts/drupal generate-theme my_new_theme

This will create the new theme in the themes directory by default. You can use the --help flag to view all configuration options for the generate-theme command: